Wormsong 1995 Bearbeiten

225px|center|Wormsong (1995) (Instrumental)

This is a story of courage, honour, and worms.""

War had cast a shadow over their once peaceful land. Gunfire filled the air as worm turned against worm. Where so many had fallen, others knew they must follow. For one such worm, this day had already come. When he was two, his father had left, never to return. Three years he had waited for his chance to fight - three years of training, both day and night. And though he was scared as he set off for battle, he knew in his heart, it was something he must do. Three inches tall, and armed to the teeth - a fine soldier he made, and his name was Boggy B.

Chorus: We are worms, we're the best, and we've come to win the war We'll stand, we'll never run, stay until it's done Though our friends may fall, and our world be blown apart We'll strike with all our might, we'll fight for what is right till the end...

Scrambling up a hill and hiding behind a tree, he looked at the battle that raged down below. It was there he saw his friend Spadge, stood upon a bridge. But another worm had also seen him, and aimed to have him dead! Boggy called to Spadge, but Spadge didn't hear. He never knew what hit him as he flew into the air. It was all too much for Boggy as he watched his best friend die. His heart filled with rage, and he gripped his rifle tight. Charging down the hill, he had to have revenge. What had Spadge done to come to such an end? Reaching the bottom of the hill, Boggy suddenly heard a click... he realised to his terror, there was a mine under his tail!

(Chorus wiederholen)

Hitting several cliffs and landing in a tree, Boggy pulled himself together - there was much he had to do. Spotting the enemy down below, he knew this was his chance. Boggy grabbed a stick of dynamite and dropped it on his head. The enemy, he tried to run, but all he could really do was squirm! As the fuse ran out, there was a mighty bang, and everywhere were bits of worm. With their leader blown to kingdom come, the enemy, they turned and ran! Boggy bungeed from the tree and landed safely on the ground. As he watched the enemy squirm away, the cry went up... we've won the war!

(Chorus wiederholen)

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