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In the Worms series, players use Worms to play the game and annihalate opponents. They are the only playable characters in the series. While mostly pink in color like real Worms, some games allow customization of the skin color.


The Worms in the series appear to be far more humanoid than real-life earthworms, and are also very cartoon-ish. They have large eyes, small, floating eyebrows, a mouth (with teeth), large, floating hands with only four fingers (with no fingernails or arms connected to their hands), and a tail. They also seem to have a skeleton, but still referred to as invertebrates in the games. They also do not have a nose or ears.

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Originally, the Worms were less cartoonish, darker of color and more fierce-looking. They also did have a nose and arms. Although, this was not visible in the gameplay due to the pixelated graphics.

The Worms usually speak with a high-pitched voice. Although, the player can customise this in most of the games.

It is worth noting that they cannot swim, and avoid water whenever necessary.

The main protagonist of the series is the Worm Boggy B. Other notable characters are Spadge, Clagnut and Suzette.

From Worms Revolution onwards, Worms appear in Classes, giving them unique traits and abilities.
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