The Aqua Sheep is an upgraded version of the Super Sheep, with a blue cape as opposed to the Super Sheep's red cape. The Super Sheep can be upgraded to the Aqua Sheep by an unlockable cheat in Worms Armageddon or by use of the Wormpot in Worms World Party. Unlike the standard Super Sheep, the Aqua Sheep is able to fly under water. Whilst it does this, it wears a snorkel.

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Our favourite farmyard animal dons his cape and takes to the sky!
This Sheep can fly, after being released a second tap of the fire button will send his flying upwards, then left and right can be used to fly him around the landscape.
Take this one step further and you get yourself the Aqua Sheep, complete with a snorkel, the Sheep can now fly under the water.
He gets everywhere!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's 75 points of damage coming your way.

Practice makes perfect with the flying sheep, they're quite tricky to control but once you can fly them into and around caverns you should be able to get pretty much anywhere. A Super Sheep can be a good weapon to hold on to, when supplies are thin on the ground towards the end of a match, your enemy won't be happy to see the white wonder hurtling towards him at breakneck speeds.


The aqua sheep can be released using the Fire Button, It will behave like a normal sheep until the Fire Button is pressed again, at which point the sheep will begin flying. Whilst it is flying, the sheep can be controlled, much like the standard Super Sheep. Also like the Super Sheep, the Aqua Sheep should be flown into something solid for it to explode. Otherwise, using the Fire Button again will explode it instantly.

Tips & Tricks

  • The Aqua Sheep is very useful during Sudden Death when the water rises, especially when the water is near the top of a cavern, as it can swim through the water and sink the other player.
  • If a foe is hiding on the face of a cliff or at the edge of one, you can kill them by using Aqua Sheep.
  • The Aqua Sheep can fly outside of the screen on a cavern map and over the top border, allowing the user to hit a worm on the other side which would otherwise be out of reach.
  • The Aqua Sheep's flight is not affected by Low Gravity, so a user will always know how it will react in a given situation.


  • Both the Super Sheep and Aqua Sheep are male, as mentioned by their Wormopedia entries.

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