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AI (Artificial Intelligence) is software designed to make a computer seem intelligent, and is a term used on enemy Worms which are CPU-controlled. For CPU teams, there is only one way for them to be controlled. The AI used in the Worms series has multiple level. The AI level is the CPU team's "brain".

3rd Generation Games[]

There are 7 levels in total. Sometimes, thinking bubbles appear above the AI Worms' head, indicating the Worms planning their moves. Please note that all personality shown are based off the game Worms 2: Armageddon.


  • Stupid: Fights very weakly, but who said they couldn't fight a little good?
  • Vengeful: Moderate, and thirsty on a quest for vengeance. More likely to harm teammates.
  • Reckless: Uses the wind more than other Worms, but don't care about their own safety too much.
  • Cocky (show off): Love to impress others with difficult, risky, unnecessary attacks, likes to be viewed as "techno-stratago" Worms.
  • Quick Fire (prideful, Lightside): Follows 4 principles given to by an unknown leader, but extremely suicidal.
  • Darksiding (forethoughtful, merciless): Can be cowardly, but stays 5 steps ahead of enemies at all times, and great at chess, which also helps in battle skills.
  • Strategic: Humble soldiers who think, plan, and unleash devastating attacks, but doesn't function without ideas.

3D Series[]

In the 3D series games, there are 5 levels of AI. In Worms 4: Mayhem and Worms: Ultimate Mayhem, question marks flashes over the CPU-Worms' heads when they are standing still.

  • Stupid: Most of these Worms do not hit their enemies, so they often choose close range artillery, such as Fire Punch.
  • Easy: CPU Worms who may hit their opponents, but that does not mean that you suffer huge losses!
  • Medium: Average skill level. Easy to beat for pros, but challenging for new players.
  • Hard: You should not take on this team unless you are experienced, and want a challenging match!
  • Extreme: These enemies are good at aiming, targeting and hitting their opponents. They also tend to use trick shots.

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