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The Banana Bomb is a much more powerful version of the Cluster Bomb, and is one of the Worms series' trademark weapons. 


The Banana Bomb itself is basically a very bouncy, Dynamite-powered Cluster Bomb. As the case is with the Grenade and Cluster Bomb, the Banana Bomb has an adjustable fuse from 1 to 5 seconds, but it does not have adjustable bounce in 2nd-generation games. Once the fuse ends, the fruit explodes with the same properties of Dynamite, and it produces five more bananas that explode upon impact with the terrain, a worm, or an object.

This weapon is usually only found in crates due to its ability to cause massive damage, but certain schemes, such as Pro, have it be a part of the default arsenal, and it is also a team weapon in Worms 3D.

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Cquote1.png The Soft Fruit of Doom!

This is like a heavily pumped up version of the Cluster Bomb.
After the Banana Bombs fuse burns down it splits into six Banana-Bomblets, which shower the landscape and cause mass devastation.
Watch out though, if you aim this high into the air there is a chance that the bombs will spread out far enough to damage one of your own Worms.

Each of these bombs can cause up to a maximum of 75 points of damage each.

If you want to inflict an insane amount of damage on your opponent but don't mind sacrificing a Worm in the process you can try this out. Place the Banana Bomb directly on top of your enemies head, just before the bomb is about the explode do a vertical jump. All the Banana-Bomblets will explode instantly as they hit your Worm and this will consume a stupid amount of health from your enemy. A good measure against those players who collect every health crate they see!


Tips & Tricks

  • This weapon is very powerful as each single shard has the same force as Dynamite, so you should practice aiming it as otherwise you might accidentally kill your own Worm(s) or throw it too far from the enemy.
  • The Banana Bomb bounces on contact with the land, so throwing it too hard will cause it to bounce far away from your target.
  • Placing a Banana Bomb near an explosive (such as an Oil Drum) will cause the shards to soar and cause mass focus damage.


  • The Banana Bomb is a reference to a weapon from Gorillas.
  • In Worms Armageddon, there is an unlockable cheat that "upgrades Banana Bombs into Super Banana Bombs", except it doesn't do that at all, and instead changes the power so that 8 banana shards are released with each inflicting maximum damage of 100 points.
  • The Banana Bomb is not a superweapon, although it's incredibly powerful.
  • Unlike the Cluster Bomb, the Banana Bomb shards are affected by explosions. As a result the weapon is unstable since the shards make powerful explosions.
  • In first-generation games, a notification saying "Soft fruit... wasted!!" appears if the weapon falls into the water.

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