Battle Axe
Battle Axe
The Battle Axe as seen in Worms Armageddon
Type Melee
Range Melee
Damage ½ of target's HP
Max hits 1
Additional effects Splits the target's HP in half
Appears in Worms Armageddon, Worms World Party and Worms 3D
Affected by

Battle Axe (renamed Viking Axe in Worms 3D) is a weapon that splits the victim's health in half. It first appeared in Worms Armageddon and has only appeared in Worms World Party and Worms 3D since.


The Battle Axe reduces a Worm's energy by half. It is a melee weapon and can therefore only be used when the target Worm is nearby. It can hit multiple Worms at once, as long as they are grouped together. Hitting a Worm with 1 HP will result in that Worm's death. The Battle Axe will not move target Worms. Also, once the weapon is selected, the player's Worms will put on a Viking helmet.

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Cquote1 You can shave with this.

This is a weapon quite unlike all the others. The Battle Axe is a close combat weapon, it splits your enemies health in two and buries the Worm in the landscape. If the Worms' health is down to a single point then the Battle Axe will kill them.

The Battle Axe is of course most effective on those Worms with a lot of health. Work out whether or not the Battle Axe would do more damage than your most powerful weapon would before using it, and look out for enemies Worms grouped together in more than one place.



Second generation

This weapon has first appeared in the of Worms games. Some game styles in Worms Armageddon limit the Battle Axe to only cut the target's health by 25%.

Double Damage does not affect this weapon in any way.

Worms 3D

In Worms 3D, this weapon works just like the one in the second generation. The only difference is the name, which is Viking Axe in Worms 3D.

Tips & Tricks

  • The larger the health of the target Worm(s), the larger the amount of damage that will be dealt. This means that it is very effective on Worms which have more than 100 HP. It is recommended to save the Battle Axe for situations in which the target has a lot of health.
  • The Battle Axe will kill a Worm if it has only 1 HP, meaning that players can inflict additional damage by hitting a group of Worms in which one of them has 1 HP. This will make that Worm explode, which will damage the nearby Worms.


  • The Battle Axe has the longest range of all melee weapons in the Worms series.
  • When using the Viking Axe in Worms 3D, your worm puts on a horned viking helmet, pretending to be a viking. However, vikings never actually had horns on their helmets.

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