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The Bazooka is one of the basic and default weapons of the Worms series and it has appeared in every Worms game. It deals average damage to both Worms and buildings. The Bazooka is one of the few weapons in the series that is affected by the wind. The Bazooka usually has infinite ammo and great versatility.

The most basic of weapons, but also one of the most effective weapons if used by a skilled player. If a Worm cannot be shot in a straight line due to an obstruction, it is possible for you to bend a shot around the obstruction by using the wind.


Press and hold the Fire Button, and release when the right amount of power has been reached. [[File:]]

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Old faithful.

In the right hands, the Bazooka is a skillful weapon.
To make the best of the Bazooka you must learn from the environment, it is greatly affected by the strength and direction of the wind and in some situations it can become almost aquatic in its abilities.
It is always in plentiful supply and has a few neat tricks to learn. When inflicting maximum damage, the Bazooka can claim a moderate 45 points of health from your foe!

Tips & Tricks

  • The Bazooka's power is greatly affected by wind and gravity so use it to your advantage.
  • If you have a "two island" landscape you will find that with a bit of skill that you can skim the Bazooka along the surface of the water. If you aim the weapon so that it is just above being level with the water surface and fire with a lot of force, the shell will skim for quite a distance.

Worms WMD Craftable Weapon

For full information see: Bazooka Pie

  • The Craftable Weapon that can be created with this weapon is the Bazooka Pie.


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