Blow Torch
Used for Movement
Effects Cuts through terrain
Controls Activated on demand
Consumes turn
Range Small
Appears in All Worms games (except 3D variants)

The Blow Torch is a Darksiding utility that has appeared in all Worms games, except for the 3D variants and spin-offs.


Blow Torches can be aimed in a roughly 60 degree cone to the front of a worm and propels it forwards over a short distance while pulverizing terrain and dealing damage. The angle can be changed while moving. The main uses of the Blow Torch are for retreating and hiding inside the map (Darksiding) and cutting through obstacles. It is often used alongside the Pneumatic Drill.

Wormopedia Entry

Cquote1 Faster than the seven dwarfs.

Considered by most players of Worms, the Blow Torch is the quintessential weapon of the darkside.

This weapon is useful for disposing of odd mines, collecting crates - remember the crates won't explode when the BlowTorch comes into contact with them.
Remember: if you're in serious trouble there is no shame in taking to the underground, after all this will buy you thinking time and protection from most of the opposing attacks.

The BlowTorch can inflict up to 30 points of damage.

If you need to change direction during torching through the landscape, simply tapping the up or down cursor key will soon put you in the preferred direction.



Fourth Generation

In the Fourth Generation of Worms games, the Girder got some class-specific changes. The Heavy creates the shortest tunnels, due to its slow movement. The Scout can create tunnels which are only accessible to Scouts. The damage done by the Blow Torch is also class-specific just like weapons.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use the Blow Torch to pierce through Girders easily.
  • Crates won't explode if they come in contact with the Blow Torch. Instead, your worm collects it.
  • The Blow Torch can be used in emergencies to harm enemies, but it doesn't harm them as much as most weapons.
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