Buffalo Of Lies
Type Animal
Range Anywhere
Damage Depends on how many times it hits the desired worm.
Additional effects Massacre
Appears in Worms 2-Worms World Party (mentioned only) Worms: Open Warfare 2-Worms Clan Wars (as a usable weapon)
Affected by

Buffalo of Lies (often shortened to BOL or Buffalo) is a powerful super weapon introduced in Worms: Open Warfare 2. It charges six times and its charges are able to carve through terrain, but it cannot jump. Each charge has damage up to 32.


When released, it will make its own sound like the Sheep. After six times charging, the buffalo will vanish. In Worms Reloaded, meeting with an obstacle taller than itself will result in an explosion and will release another buffalo. Running too long without going through obstacles will bring out the countdown detonation. In Worms: Open Warfare 2, Buffalo of Lies is one of the purchasable weapons in The Shop to play in Custom Game. Some games, it is unavailable in the Single Player mode. Because of its devastating power, it is RARE, can strongly hurt or kill worms in a combo and is classified as a superweapon.

The Buffalo of Lies is the patron deity of all Darkside teams; when a Darkside team uses Worship, a small copper idol of the Buffalo is created.

"Buffalo of Lies - Determined to dish out some underground destruction; the Buffalo charges forwards, destroying all in its path. Every time the Buffalo reaches an object, it cannot pass it and will cause an explosion and tries to get through by force! The Buffalo explodes up to six times before mysteriously disappearing. It is also capable of collecting crates."

—Team 17s description on the new weapon and its usage.

How to use Buffalo of Lies

Like the Sheep, just release anywhere you want it to charge.

Tips & Tricks

  • Buffalo of Lies can walk on mountains, but if the terrain is (nearly) straight like a wall, then it will instead charge through it.
  • This weapon is one of the best choices that can make a combo kill on a straight team of worms. You can also use BOL to carve through terrain and let it charge to enemies.
  • Releasing the Buffalo too near to your enemies' worms will result self-damage.


Weap anim 3

The Rhino, a weapon similar to the Buffalo of Lies.

  • In Worms Forts: Under Siege, the Rhino weapon is similar to the Buffalo of Lies.
  • The Buffalo of Lies is said to be evil and could possibly be an antagonist of the Worms series.
  • The Buffalo of Lies is said to be the patron deity of the Darksiders, similar to the fact the Concrete Donkey is the patron deity of the Lightsiders.
    • However, the Armageddon is arguably the true ultimate weapon of the Darkside, not the Buffalo of Lies. Though it isn't confirmed by Team17 yet.
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