The Bunker Buster is a large missile that drops straight down from the sky. Upon meeting a surface, it digs through for a limited distance, then detonates. It acts like the Mole squadron.


The Bunker Buster will fall straight from the sky anywhere the player wants it. As soon as the Bunker Buster reaches the surface it will dig through.

There are 4 things that the player has to know when using the Bunker Buster. It will detonate if...

  1. It reached its maximum digging distance
  2. It hits an oil barrel, crate, etc.
  3. It hits a Worm.
  4. It is repelled by an electromagnet back and forth for a long period of time.

Using the Bunker Buster

The player can target the location where the Bunker Buster will drop.

Tips & Tricks

  • The player should mind the limited distance of the Bunker Buster. Trying to make the bunker buster dig until its maximum digging distance is a commonly made mistake.
  • It is useful for carving through Girders and the terrain.
  • Don't use the Bunker Buster on exposed enemy worms because the Bunker Buster does low damage. Try to hit your enemy worms by using other weapons.
  • Along with the other air weapons like Air Strikes, the Bunker Buster is unavailable in cave maps.


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