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Crate Spy is a utility that appears in all second generation and 3D Worms games.


The Crate Spy is a useful utility that is only found in utility crates. Once collected, it lets every worm in your team see what's inside weapon crates and utility crates, for the rest of the round. It displays text above each crate, revealing the name of whatever's inside, such as a weapon (for example, a bazooka). This is useful if there's something good inside a crate, or if there's a possibility that superweapons can appear in crates and you want to collect the most useful weapon available. However, in Worms 2, the Crate Spy doesn't let you know if any of the crates are booby-trapped and you can always fall for them, but for some reason it still shows the name of the weapon inside, although it's pointless (possibly to trick the player). Also, in second generation games, it's important to know that when a superweapon is in a crate, the text above the crate flashes, which means that the weapon inside the crate is a superweapon. For example, a crate with an Armageddon inside it has the text "Armageddon" above it, but it flashes grey and white, since it's a superweapon.


  • In Worms Clan Wars, the Scout worms have a similar ability to Crate Spy.
  • In Worms 2, since there were no utilities or utility crates at that time, the Crate Spy appeared in weapon crates. Also, in Worms 2, the Crate Spy was called "???????" instead. In the newer Worms games, it was renamed "Crate Spy".
  • In Worms 4: Mayhem and Worms: Ultimate Mayhem, you can also see what's inside Mystery Crates if you have Crate Spy.
  • The only type of crates that don't get affected by Crate Spy are health crates, because the player would often know at which value they are set.
  • There is a Wormpot mode that enables Crate Spy for every team for the entire match.
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