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The Earthquake is a superweapon that will radically shake worms and objects around the landscape.


This weapon will create an earthquake which will move any physical object on the landscape. It will move Mines, Oil Drums,Electro Magnets and worms. The weapon itself deals no damage, so it should be used to get enemy worms into the water or onto Mines. It was replaced in Worms: Open Warfare - Worms: A Space Oddity with a special event, occurring in a number of turns. It is considered a superweapon because it is RARE, and may kill many worms on a cliff.

Using the Earthquake

Just like the Armageddon, this weapon can be used from any location. The player will just have to press the Fire Button. This weapon does not have any retreat time for obvious reasons.

Tips & Tricks

  • This weapon should only be used if the player is sure not to damage his/her own worms.
  • This weapon is mainly used to move enemy worms into the water, and can also create fall damage on enemy worms.
  • To be safe from this weapon, stay on low grounds not near the cliffs. If the cliffs are on mountains, the Earthquake will do no harm except moving physical objects, which may damage your worms or your enemy worms.
  • In the demo version of Worms 2: Armageddon, never use the Earthquake in the local match unless you are on the right side of the landscape. Those on the left side will suffer instant death.
  • If all or many enemy worms are near cliffs, the water, or hazards (such as Mines), using this weapon is highly recommended, just as long as your worms are safe. Caution is advised, this weapon could be devastating at times.
  • This weapon is great for Darkside tactics, while the Darksiders shake around their tunnel, the Lightsiders will be shaken away from the landscape.
    • It's also possible for a Lightsider to fall into a Darkside tunnel during the Earthquake, so that he's close enough for the Darksider to finish him off.


  • Although the weapon and the picture is an Earthquake, it doesn't actually make the terrain crack or split.
  • Even though the Earthquake is a God Power weapon, you still call it in using a satellite phone, probably where the Cheese Theme is.
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