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The Electromagnet is a very useful utility and made its first appearance in Worms Open Warfare 2. Electromagnets influence metal-based objects, such as Mines. Sitting close to a repelling Electromagnet may protect a Worm from being hit by stray Mines, while setting an attracting Electromagnet near enemy Worms increases the chances of them being hit. After a few turns or when affected by an E.M.P. Grenade, it loses its charge and become useless. However, it can be reactivated using Lightning Strike. If an Electromagnet is hit by any weapon twice, it will be destroyed. The Electromagnet has about 50 health. The first time a weapon hits it, it will become rusty (this does not affect the strength of the Electromagnet, however).

Team17 description

Cquote1.png Electro Magnets affects mines and any of the projectile weapons that are made from metal. They can have two states. Red Magnets pull (attract) weapons and Blue Magnets push (repel) weapons away. With the Electro Magnet equipped, it is possible to change the type of Electro Magnet your worm will drop by pressing the Set Button. Cquote2.png



After selecting the Electromagnet in the Weapons Panel, the player can either set it to attract or repel using the Set Button. Blue Electromagnets repel, while red Electromagnets attract. After setting the polarity, the player can drop it to his/her advantage.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you have a Holy Hand Grenade, consider placing an attractive Electromagnet because it makes aiming much easier. Note that it will bring out the countdown detonation because the Holy Hand Grenade is not stable.
  • You can use inactive/attractive Electromagnets to become an exploding weapon like the Sentry Gun. You can also use attractive Electromagnets to attract metal objects to enemy Worms, easy for a direct hit and more damage.
  • Use non-metal based weapons/utilities to destroy repelling Electromagnets. Use metal weapons and utilities to destroy attracting Electromagnets.
  • When two identical Electromagnets are placed in exactly the same spot, the power is doubled.
  • Electromagnets can be used to drag nearby Mines onto enemies that will explode once they are located close enough to a Worm.


  • By placing two Electromagnets together on opposite settings, you will create an "orbit".
  • Surprisingly, Electromagnets don't affect each other.
  • Electromagnets can attract and repel meteorites summoned via the Armageddon, despite them normally being made of stone and ice. This indicates that the meteorites in question are of the very rare kind that have a very high concentration of magnetic metals inside.

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