Emergency Teleport
Effects Randomly teleports your remaining worms
Range N/A
Appears in Worms Reloaded And Worms 2 Armageddon onwards

The Emergency Teleport is a utility in the Worms series. Once activated, this utility will teleport all of the user's worms to a random position on the map.

Using the Emergency Teleport

The Emergency Teleport is like the normal Teleport. There are two differences between the Emergency Teleport and the normal teleport.

  • With the normal teleport, the user can define where his/her worm will be teleported to. With the Emergency Teleport, the user's worms will be teleported to a random position on the map.
  • With the normal teleport, the user teleports one of his/her worms. With the emergency teleport, the user will teleport all of his/her worms remaining.


  • If the player's worms are all at the same position, the Emergency Teleport is ideal for lessening damage from Air Strikes and Dynamites.
  • It is a good tactic to use Invisibility first, and then the Emergency Teleport in the same turn. This way the enemy will have a hard time finding the player's worms.

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