Fire is an element that first appeared in Worms: The Directors Cut. Fire is caused by weapons such as the Napalm StrikePetrol BombFlame ThrowerFrench Sheep Strike among others. Fire is also created when a Booby-trap Crate is collected (only in Worms 2), or if an Oil Drum is destroyed. Therefore, your Worms shouldn't stay too close to Oil Drums, because they can cause a lot of damage when destroyed.

Fire usually lasts for only one turn. Some weapons, however, cause fires that have much longer duration. For example, fire created by the Petrol Bomb lasts more than a few turns. Touching one flame removes just 3 points of health, but still ends your turn. If you are caught in a large fire and burn for too long, it could be fatal, removing 100 or more points of health.

Fire is also affected by the wind in every Worms game, so use Napalm Strikes with caution, as it could easily miss the target if the wind is too strong and you forget to check the wind meter.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use fire to your advantage. If an enemy Worm with high health is standing next to an Oil Drum, use a powerful explosive such as Dynamite and the enemy Worm will not only suffer great damage from the Dynamite and Oil Drum's explosion, but also from the fire caused by the Oil Drum's destruction. The enemy Worm will most certainly die.
  • If small amounts of fire make contact with an Oil Drum, the Oil Drum will turn slightly brighter, becoming hotter and more unstable. If large amounts of fire make contact with the Oil Drum, it will explode, so you can also use a Napalm Strike if an enemy Worm is standing next to an Oil Drum.


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