The Flame Thrower is a weapon which was introduced in Worms Armageddon.


This weapon consists of a hose and a backpack of incendiary chemicals which is strapped to the back of a Worm. When activated, the hose sprays napalm in a shallow arc, dousing nearby terrain in flames. Like the Handgun, Uzi, and Minigun, the angle of the weapon can be changed while firing.


  • The flames from the Flame Thrower can destroy some terrain.
  • Like all napalm weapons, this weapon is highly affected by wind, but the flames does not go very high before they blow in the wind's direction.
  • The flames left by the Flame Thrower linger for several turns after being applied, similarly to the Petrol Bomb.
  • Like the Napalm Strike, Flame Throwers can potentially set off Oil Drums, adding even more flames to the immediate area.
  • This weapon made its first appearance in the 2nd generation games, but did not reappear until Worms Revolution.
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