Freeze is a utility that seals all the worms on your team inside an ice cube. Despite being a utility, it is also considered a superweapon.


When equipped, the worm using it will don a winter cap on his head. Once deployed, all of that team's worms will be encased in blocks of ice until their next turn. During this time, the frozen worms cannot be damaged by enemy attacks or knocked away. However, it is still possible for them to drown if the land underneath them is destroyed. It is also possible for them to be moved by the Earthquake, and they will still lose health if the Scales of Justice is used. If two teams are allied together when the Freeze is used, only the team using it will be frozen, and not the other team.

In Worms Forts: Under Siege, this utility can also freeze the player's buildings to protect them as well, but the Wonder will not be frozen and will be left defenseless.

Tips and Tricks

  • This utility is best used when your worms are low on health, or if the enemy has a high-damage weapon.
  • If the sudden death mode is set to trigger a Nuclear Bomb, using this before it occurs is helpful, as frozen worms cannot be poisoned.
  • If the enemy uses this utility, there are two ways to take advantage of this:
    • You can throw a Petrol Bomb at a frozen worm, so that the fire will harm them once they're unfrozen.
    • A Mine can be set up next to or right on top of a frozen worm, and it won't detonate until the worm is unfrozen. This won't work in Worms 3D, however.

Wormopedia Entry

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The mighty Freeze.

It's great to use when one is about to be involved in a Sudden Death battle. It provides a nifty shield from the energy-sapping Nuke which means you won't get infected, great huh? It also protects you from all other forms of damage. Be careful not to use the Freeze when you haven't got much land beneath you, a well placed Dynamite could see you sinking into the murky depths!

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