Gas Pump
Type Poison Weapon
Range Close-range
Damage 5 HP
Additional effects Poisons target
Appears in Worms 2: Armageddon onwards
Affected by
The Gas Pump is a weapon in the Worms series used to poison enemies. In Worms Revolution, its name was changed to Poison Gun.


The Gas Pump creates a cloud of poison gas in the direction the user is facing. The cloud will slowly get bigger until it disappears when it has reached its maximum size. Any worm caught in the area of effect of the cloud will be poisoned, with the exception of the worm that fired the Gas Pump.

Using the Gas Pump

The player should simply aim in the direction where he/she wants to create a poison cloud, then press the fire button once to create the cloud.

The maximum size of the gas pump's cloud

Tips & Tricks

  • It is advisable for the player to aim the Gas Pump into small corridors and Blow Torch holes for maximum effectiveness. Due to the way the Gas Pump works, a certain amount of small poison 'clouds' will be created, meaning that a single Gas Pump can fill out an entire tunnel complex. This makes it a very effective weapon against Darkside strategy.
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