Type Gun
Range Long range
Damage 5 HP/shot
Additional effects Small hole
Small push
Appears in Worms: The Director's Cut, 2nd generation Worms
Affected by

The Handgun is a weapon in the Worms series which does a small amount of damage.


The Handgun will shoot 6 bullets with a small time in between them. Each bullet can do a maximum of 5 damage or create a small hole. If a worms gets hit, the worm will receive a small push.

Using the Handgun

The player should aim at the enemy and then press the fire-button. The Up and Down keys will adjust the aim of the weapon while it's firing.


  • The Handgun is very similar to the Uzi. The only difference is the higher fire-rate and amount of bullets from the Uzi.
    • Additionally, the Handgun doesn't suffer from 'bullet-spread'; each shot will land in exactly the same place if the aim is not adjusted, making it much more accurate.
  • In Worms World Party in the special weapons market, it is the cheapest weapon and deals up to 30 damage in total.
  • It does 30 damage in total, the same damage as the Longbow's total damage.

Tips & Tricks

  • The Handgun should mainly be used when the enemy worm has a small amount of HP.
  • The Handgun can also be very useful when there is an enemy worm next to the water or a mine.
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