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The Homing Cluster Bomb is a weapon which appeared in Worms 2 and the GBA version of Worms World Party. It is basically an updated version of the Cluster Bomb, with the clusters being able to home in on the opponent.

The Homing Cluster Bomb appears similar to the weapon it's adapted from, but is colored blue and is shorter. Each cluster does the same damage as the Shotgun.

Tips and Tricks

  • It's useful if your worm is at a short range and has full health.


  • Along with the Homing Air Strike and Cloned Sheep, the Homing Cluster Bomb is one of the few weapons in Worms 2 not to return in Worms Armageddon.
    • Depsite being removed in Armageddon, the Homing Cluster Bomb, along with the Homing Air Strike, return in the Game Boy Advance version of Worms World Party.
  • In the first release of Worms 2, placing a Homing Cluster Bomb right on top of a worm call kill them instantly. This was later fixed in a patch.
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