The Homing Pigeon homes in on its target, just like the Homing Missile, except it is much more powerful.


You simply click on the target you wish to hit and then you press Space to fire. The Homing Pigeon then flies towards the enemy and explodes on impact, dealing a maximum of 75 damage. It does try to dodge objects but if the target area is too complicated it will probably never reach the target. If the Homing Pigeon stays airborne for too long, it just falls out of the air and explodes on whatever it touches first.

In Worms Forts: Under Siege, it does more damage, has a bigger explosion and must be launched from a large building. It is fired from Blimp View, but the player may use first person view first to make sure they don't launch it into an object right next to them. It is thrown by a stretched, wooden, curved beam.

Tips & Tricks

  • Don't rely too much on this weapon because it tends to fly up and down while flying at the enemy.
  • It's easier to use in narrow spaces than a Homing Missile, because it doesn't take too much time to activate itself and is better at flying around obstacles.
  • Be careful, because sometimes it can fly back at you even if you didn't target yourself.
  • The Homing Pigeon is a powerful weapon in Worms Forts: Under Siege, use it to blow up the enemy's weaker links or stronghold.
  • Keep in mind that the Homing Pigeon has only 5 seconds before it self-destructs. If your target is very far away, consider your fuse time.

2nd generation Homing Pigeon

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