Effects Makes the remaining worms of your team invisible
Range 1 Team
Appears in Worms Armageddon Onwards (except 4th Generation Games)

The Invisibility is a utility which will turn all the worms on the user's team invisible. It is not available in offline battles.


The Invisibility utility will turn the worms in the user's team invisible for as long as they don't use specific weapons or receive damage. The enemy will not be able to see where the invisible worms are, but the camera will still move accordingly on the invisible worm's turn.


This utility can be used by simply pressing the fire button. It does not end a player's turn.

Tips & Tricks

  • One way of getting rid of Invisibility in Worms Reloaded is to use a Worship, because it will damage every worm on the enemy's team.
  • Using the prod will not make the user visible again.
  • An effective way to find invisible worms, is to just walk around. If you happen to stand on top of something invisible, you are sure to have found an invisible worm.
  • If you add this weapon to one of your missions in "Worms World Party Mission Editor", this weapon is available, but you must have a patch version for version 1.01 of Worms World Party.
  • If you are planning on using an Emergency Teleport, using Invisibility first will make it much harder for the enemy to find you.
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