Type Suicidal attack
Range Differs per game
Damage 30
Additional effects Kills user
Appears in All Worms Games (excluding 3D games)
Affected by

Kamikaze is the last resort of a desperate worm, except in unusual circumstances. It is a reference to a suicide attack by the Japanese during WW2. It's meaning is the "divine wind". Before the player uses it, the player must specify the direction of the attack. When used, the worm will tie a bandanna on its head, and push forward, flying through the air (carving terrain out of the way), and then explode. The worm will say its last words before death. Any worms hit will go flying, suffering low damage up to 30. It is one of the only 3 attacks which sacrifices yourself, the others being Suicide Bomber and the Starburst.

Using the Kamikaze

Aim the Worm in the direction you want to go, then press the Fire Button and the worm will go forward and explode.

Tips & Tricks

  • You cannot cheat death from it, so use it carefully. It also does not spawn a gravestone, so there is no way to revive a worm after it uses the weapon.
    • However, in Worms Armageddon, it is possible to cheat death by hitting an explosive barrel or landmine with kamikaze, resulting in the worm being propelled as if hit by the explosion without dying
  • While it's a flashy way to go out, it's most useful when the worm using it can position itself so that its flight will completely remove a bridge that several worms are standing on.
  • It is useful to use when your worm is nearly dead and enemies near you who will be killing your worm, but don't use if you know the next turn is another worm not near you.
  • Although Kamikaze is a weak weapon, a team in an area or straight line can be seriously damaged for up to 130. Try not to let your worms in an area or in a straight line, then your opponent will attack one of your worms individually.
  • The explosion occupies only a small area, so don't expect that the Kamikaze can damage worms that are far or high away from your position, especially if you jump or backflip then attack or your attack is diagonally, vertically or horizontally.
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