Lightning Strike
Effects Resurrects worm, adds 30 HP
Range Anywhere
Appears in Worms: Open Warfare 2 onwards (with some exceptions)

Lightning Strike is a weapon featured in Worms: Open Warfare 2 and Worms Reloaded onward. It is used like an Air Strike, and what it does is resurrects the dead (from their gravestones). In Worms: Open Warfare 2, to use it you have to buy it from The Shop and the resurrected worm only gets 10 HP, while in Worms Reloaded it gets 30 HP. It doesn't damage worms, but instead heals them. It adds only 30 HP, but it's effective for healing a group of worms in a small area. It can activate some inactive objects such as the mine and electromagnet, making it useful in some occasions. The Lightning Strike cannot hit a target behind a terrain, so it's best to focus on objects/worms that are exposed. The Lightning Strike can also convert a neutral/enemy Sentry Gun on the Lightning Strike's user's side. It can also destroy Oil Drums and crates, creating a small explosion.

"Lightning Strike - The mysterious Lightning Strike has many powers, but its most powerful use is resurrecting dead worms. If the Lightning Strike hits a gravestone, the worm that died there will be brought back to life. With the Lightning Strike equipped, it is possible to change the angle that the strike comes in from by pressing the Fire Button (Space bar, X, etc.) You should try using the Lightning Strike on different objects on the landscape to see what else it can do!"

--- Team17's description on the weapon and its usage.


  • Be careful when using this in small spaces or where there might be something blocking the strike location, as it might not strike there and waste your weapon and your turn. If it looks like it will not guarantee to hit correctly, choose another location.
  • In older Worms games the Lightning Strike strikes from an angle, but in Worms Revolution the cloud appears directly above the selected target location.
  • The Lightning Strike can be used on living worms as well, but it will only damage 30 HP. However, in Worms 3, it will give 30 HP to any worm inflicted by it.
  • It can be used to cure poison.
  • Along with the other air weapons, the Lightning Strike is unavailable in cave maps.
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