The Longbow is a weapon in the Worms series, which made its first appearance in Worms Armageddon.


The longbow is a weapon which can fire arrows. Like the Shotgun, the longbow can fire twice in a single turn. Therefore, it can hit two enemies. Since the arrows will not create an explosion, they can be useful for when the user wants to hit a single enemy Worm who is standing near friendly Worms.

The arrows are mainly used to push Worms back or to finish them off, since each arrow only deals 15 HP of damage. The bow cannot be aimed downwards, and therefore the gravity may come in handy.

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The Longbow fires over a great distance, but unfortunately it doesn't do all that much damage. Like the shotgun, you get two shots. After firing once you get the remainder of your turn time to take another shot.

At best, each shot takes 15 points of health away from your enemy.

The Longbow has uses other than harming the enemy, the Longbow is part of the arsenal of the tactical player. Darksiders can use this to build bridges with, and get themselves out of tight spots. The arrows from the Longbow will also stick to each other if one is fired into the back of another.


Tips & Tricks

  • The longbow can be very useful in situations where the user doesn't want to cause collateral damage.
  • The arrows will stick to the terrain (and other stuck arrows), so they can be used as makeshift platforms or bridges if needed.
  • The Longbow is useful if your worms have very low health.
  • It is useful if your worms are next to the water or mine.


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