Low Gravity is a utility which reduces the gravity so that the players' worms can jump higher and launch themselves further. Low Gravity affects all the weapons' bounce. It was replaced in Worms: Open Warfare to Worms: A Space Oddity with a Space landscape, which has permanent Low Gravity and lets all sides have it.


Press the fire button. Please note that this will not consume the user's turn, and only lasts for one turn.

Tips & Tricks

  • Bombs will bounce higher. They will also drop farther so you should be a bit farther when trying to throw or drop a bomb.
  • Projectiles may be launched higher so use it to your advantage.
  • You can use the Sheep and Old Woman to jump on higher grounds.
  • When using Low Gravity, use melee and explosive weapons to push worms far away.
  • Use Low Gravity to easily control Jet Pack.


  • It is not considered a third generation utility because it is not in a 2D third generation game.
  • The Low Gravity helmet is grey in Worms 3D instead of white in Worms 2.
  • In Worms 3 there is a playing card that replaces this utility.
  • In the Wormopedia, the antennae appeared red.


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