MB Bomb
Type Air Strike
Range Anywhere
Damage 100HP
Additional effects Explosion
Appears in Worms 2, Worms World Party, Worms Armageddon
Affected by

The MB Bomb is a kind of an Air Strike. MB ponderously floats down, question marks floating around its confused form as it drifts from left to right of its own accord, as well as being heavily impacted by any wind in the area.

This makes landing the MB Bomb's direct 100 damage and Holy Hand Grenade-sized explosion a feat of incredible luck and calculation, and often can simply be a matter of closing ones eyes and hoping for the best. It is wind-affected similar to the Mail Strike, making it an imprecise and it only works on a wide area.

Wormopedia Entry

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Cquote1 Hide, it's the boss.

The MB bomb originates from the Team17 building itself right here in the heart of sunny Ossett.
When called upon this airborne menace will come raining down on the chosen enemy causing heavy damage all round.

With a direct hit the MB bomb can inflict a mammoth 100 points of damage.


MB Bomb.. What?? in Wormopedia

Cquote1 Ever used the MB Bomb? Ever seen it float down gently towards your Worms and then explode in the blink of an eye, leaving you wondering: What the hell was that!? The MB Bomb is so called because it was named after Martyn Brown (AKA Spadge), the head of development and production at Team17 Software. The weapon is a graphical representation of the man himself, and thought to be rather uncanny by certain unnamed employees of Team17. Cquote2

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