Mad Cows
Weap two 10
Type Animal
Range Around Worm
Damage About 75 HP (Per cow)
Additional effects Exposion
Appears in Director's Cut to 3D

(Cameos as the Bovine Blitz in Mayhem and Clan Wars)

Affected by

The Mad Cows were introduced in Worms: The Director's Cut. Their main special ability is that up to five of them can be sent out at a time.


The Mad Cows work in a special way, the player can set how many cows are sent out depending on how many cows they have. If the player has 3 cows, they can send out 1 to 3 cows, and if they have 5 or more, then they can send out up to 5 cows. The amount of cows sent out is subtracted from the amount of cows that the player has. An example of this is that if the player has 5 cows and sends out 3, then they will have 2 cows left.

The cow itself will walk straight forward, exploding as soon as it comes in contact with a worm, an Oil Drum, or the terrain. A single cow inflicts 75 points of damage onto a worm, the same amount as the Dynamite and the Sheep. This weapon itself proves the phrase “power in numbers”. If it's used properly, then the player can take out a group of worms.


  • In Mayhem and Clan Wars, the cows are reintroduced as the Bovine Blitz.
  • In Worms 2, there is a weapon similar to this known as the Cloned Sheep, which sends out Sheep instead of cows, and is also more useful because the Sheep can be detonated manually.
  • In Director's Cut, the Cows not only moo, but they also bark like dogs and cluck like chickens.
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