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A worm affected by Marked For Death.

Marked For Death is a utility first introduced in the Battle Pack DLC of Worms 2: Armageddon.


This utility can be used on any enemy worm. A storm cloud will appear over the enemy worm's head. The afflicted worm will take twice the amount of damage the next time it is damaged. This effect ends after the damage has been inflicted but lasts until the end of that turn.


The player must place a cursor on an enemy worm to activate this utility.

Tips & Tricks

  • Marked For Death does not lose its effect if the targeted worm picks up a health crate.
  • The effect remains until the end of the turn in which the targeted worm takes damage. So, if the targeted worm is hit with a weapon, taking twice the amount of damage, and then lands on a mine, it will once again take twice the amount of damage.
  • When placed on a worm that has been poisoned with either the Gas Pump or Poison Strike, it will cause them to lose more health, making them an easier target.


  • Occasionally, the uzi will be unaffected by Marked For Death and only the normal damage will be caused.