Type Dropped
Range Very small
Damage 45 HP
Additional effects Explosion (poison in some games)
Appears in All Worms games
Affected by

Land Mines are common objects in Worms games. They are spawned by the game in random locations, but can also be set in specific locations as obstacles in the Campaign. The Mine's fuse is determined by the player in most Worms games, ranging from 3 seconds to exploding immediately after being triggered. The Mine can also be placed as a weapon.


Land Mine

Mine in Worms 3D

The Mine can only be dropped, not thrown. Once a Mine is planted, it will not activate until after the player has had time to retreat. If any Worm is close to a Mine when it activates, it will detonate. The fuse time of the player's Mine is the same as it's set for all Mines in the round. Mines can be dropped from a Jet Pack, and can be useful as a less-powerful substitute for Dynamite. Sometimes it's even preferable to place Grenade rather than Mines. Mines can also be dropped from almost any utility as a secondary weapon.

Tips & Tricks


  • There's a small chance for each Mine to fail instead of exploding. This is signified by a small puff of smoke ejected from the Mine. These are known as duds.
  • Some Worms players plant Land Mines on their opponent's Worms in such a way that the Mines look like hats, scarves, or turtle shells. This is done as a type of bizarre humor, earning the Mine nicknames such as "Blasting Cap" or "Cordite Yarmulke".
  • Mines are generally used more as a deterrent than an actual weapon, and are considered part of the Darkside style of play.
  • In 2nd generation Worms games, Mines are used in a Bow and Arrow game, in which the Worms will go bouncing from Mine to Mine.
  • Very rarely, a Mine will spawn near a Worm at the start of a game, just close enough for it to detonate. This is more likely to happen on a custom landscape.
  • In Worms World Party, Mines deployed by Worms are colored to match the team that placed them.
  • In Worms 4: Mayhem and Worms: Ultimate Mayhem, the Mines will either explode with the normal effect, cluster effect, mega blow effect or the poison effect.
    • The normal affect usually has very weak Worm Damage, but sometimes very powerful Blast Strength. If the Worm isn't close enough to an exploding normal Mine, it could be thrown into the air without receiving any damage, therefore the player's turn doesn't end, and the player can save their Worm from being knocked into the water by quickly equipping a Jet Pack or Parachute in midair.
    • Mines are also more useful in Worms 4: Mayhem and Worms: Ultimate Mayhem, since they can be dragged and moved by the Ninja Rope, thus allowing the player to drag a Mine towards an enemy Worm to inflict more damage before finishing it off. Oil Drums and Crates can be dragged and moved by the Ninja Rope as well.
  • Even though this weapon appears in Worms Forts: Under Siege and Worms: A Space Oddity, it cannot be deployed as a weapon, yet it does appear spawned on landscapes. However, the Mine Strike can be used in Forts.

Worms WMD Craftable Weapon

For full information see: Vehicle Mine

  • The Craftable Weapon that can be created with this weapon is the Vehicle Mine.
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