Mole Bomb
Type Thrown (Reinforcements)

Walking Weapon (Armageddon and up)

Range Around worm
Damage 45 HP
Additional effects Explode on contact/timer
Appears in Worms Reinforcements, Worms Armageddon, Worms World Party, Worms Revolution, and Worms Clan Wars (Called Mole)
Affected by

Mole Bomb is the name of two distinct weapons in the Worms series.

Worms Reinforcements

The Mole Bomb in Worms Reinforcements works similarly to the Banana Bomb. After it is thrown, it will explode and release five drills. These drills will bore into the ground and then explode. Due to a bug in Reinforcements, the Mole Bomb almost never appears in weapon crates. This bug was resolved in Worms United.

This weapon is the only one from Worms Reinforcements that does not reappear in Worms: The Director's Cut.

Worms Armageddon

In Worms Armageddon, the Mole Bomb is a deployed animal-based weapon. When deployed, the voracious rodent will saunter forward, then leap into the air and diving into the ground, burrowing through the landscape. If he comes out of the ground, and contacts another solid object, he will explode. If the mole goes too long without detonating, a five-second fuse will automatically trigger.

After a long hiatus, the Mole Bomb reappears as just Mole in Worms Revolution and Worms Clan Wars.


Press Fire to set the mole free. After ten seconds, or after pressing Fire again, The mole will leap into the air and begin burrowing into the next terrain surface it contacts. If it emerges from the terrain and collides again, it will explode.


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