The Mole Squadron is an Air-Strike weapon available in Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party. Like all air-strike weapons, it can be deployed anywhere on an open-terrain map, but are unavailable in cavern-style maps. The payload is 5 Mole Bombs, which, like their hand-delivered counterparts, burrow into the ground for several seconds before detonating. If they burrow through the landscape and come out again, they will explode once they hit another solid object, be it worm or terrain.

For a similar weapon in Worms Reloaded, see Bunker Buster and Super Bunker Buster.

Using the Mole Squadron

Like all air-strike weapons, the player simply selects the target on the map with the cursor, and the Mole Squadron will deploy immediately after. The direction of the bombing run can also be switched prior to selecting the target.


  • The Mole Squadron is unique in that it can be carefully deployed on an area occupied by your worms without harming them, as the moles will burrow into the ground, rather than explode when they hit. This can be used to attack enemies on terrain below your worms en-masse.
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