Pneumatic Drill
Effects Digs through terrain
Range Similar digging distance to the Bunker Buster
Appears in All Worms games (except 3D games and Worms W.M.D

The Pneumatic Drill is a utility which has been in the series from the start. It digs directly downwards, and can also damage other Worms if it comes into contact. The Pneumatic Drill is in the same family with the Blow Torch as digging utilities. It will dig straight down in some games, while it will scatter the direction a bit in others.

Wormopedia Entry

See also: Wormopedia
Cquote1 D-d-d-d-d-d-dig!

The Pneumatic drill has three main uses.

  1. A way of digging through the earth.
  2. A jumping Aid.
  3. A weapon

Be careful not to knock an enemy worm into the hole you are drilling. If it dies, it will probably be standing on your head.
Don't forget, you can't retreat after using this weapon.

The Pneumatic Drill can cause up to 30 points of damage.

Oh dear, out of Bungee ropes and Parachutes? Not to worry, simply place yourself on the edge of the place next to where you want to go, now jump! Starting the Pneumatic Drill as soon as you jump you'll have approximately 4 seconds of travelling distance before your Worm goes into free-fall mode. As soon as you have landed where you want to be simply press the Space bar again to stop the drilling manoeuvre.



Press the fire button to activate this utility. If you want to stop before you have finished, simply press the fire button again.

Tips & Tricks

  • It is useful for protecting yourself from Armageddon by digging a very deep hole, but the Concrete Donkey can expose your worm to enemy attacks (unless it mopped the floor with you).
  • Grenades and other bombs can be easily dropped into a hole, which is dangerous.
  • If your Jet Pack doesn't have enough fuel to go further or using the Ninja Rope when falling down/Sentry Guns about to shoot, use the Pneumatic Drill when falling. This will prevent massive fall damage and is useful. It can also deal damage to other worms instead of your own worm. To do this, use the Jet Pack/Ninja Rope then launch it. After that, press the Set Button and pick the Pneumatic Drill. When you fall, press the fire button to launch the Pneumatic Drill.
  • As described in the Wormopedia, the Pneumatic Drill can be used to briefly "skate" across the landscape, shoving enemy worms out of your way as you go.
  • If you dig once with the Pneumatic Drill, it creates little cover, so if you have multiple turns, use them to dig the hole bigger.
  • If you use the Pneumatic Drill as a weapon, it can cause up to 50 (72 in Worms Revolution.) damage, more than the bazooka in some games.
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