Priceless Ming Vase
Ming Vase
The W.M.D icon.
Type Cluster
Range Short-range
Damage 75 HP per shard
Additional effects Explodes and releases exploding clusters
Appears in Worms: The Director's Cut, all 2nd generation Worms games, and Worms WMD
Affected by

The Priceless Ming Vase, or simply Ming Vase, is a very powerful cluster-type explosive that is typically dropped from above via the Ninja Rope or the Jet Pack. The Ming Vase explodes into five shards, each which carries the explosive and propulsive force of dynamite. Occasionally, you can use the Ming Vase next to a Worm which will be knocked into the air during the initial blast. Then a shard will hit the worm in mid-air, directing the Worm far off the map.


The Priceless Ming Vase's whole impact damage is similar to the Salvation Army. The impact and clusters do the same damage but it can't walk to the nearest worm and then explodes.


Using the Ming Vase in tight areas can cause extreme damage to the opponents' Worms. To avoid backfire, be sure to evacuate fast from the area to avoid getting damage.

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