Scales of Justice
Scales of justice
Effects Balances all the worms' health
Range All worms
Appears in Worms Armageddon, Worms World Party, Worms 3D



Using The Justice Scales.

The Scales Of Justice (shortened to SOJ) redistribute/balances the total life points equally among all surviving teams (first) and all worms within each team (second). This utility should only be used if your team has the least HP points of all surviving teams. The Scales of Justice simply appear to be a pair of scales, and when used, the Scales of Justice emits a powerful booming laugh and snappy comments like "X evens the score", "Even Stevens", or "X calls it even". (Do note, that "X", in this case is the name of the worm which uses it.) It is considered a superweapon because it can change your enemy worms' HP near to 0 in order to balance HP of the teams. It balances like this for example:

Team A Team B
  • Aaron: 100 health points
  • Air Killer: 100 health points
  • Alex: 100 health points
  • Albert: 100 health points
  • Bob: 100 health points
  • Billy: 100 health points
Team A Team B
  • Aaron: 75 health points
  • Air Killer: 75 health points
  • Alex: 75 health points
  • Albert: 75 health points
  • Bob: 150 health points
  • Billy: 150 health points


Once selected, simply press the Fire Button.

Tips & Tricks

  • This Utility makes the health points of every team equal, So if you only have two worms left (200 HP) and the enemy has four worms left (400 HP), you will get 150 HP each of your worm, and your opponent 75 HP each.
  • This utility can be used when your enemy has more worms than you, so that your enemy worms will have a lower HP equal to your team.
  • It is recommended to use this if many of your worms are nearly into death so your worms can be quickly recovered.
  • Never use this utility if your team is in the lead and the enemy is almost defeated.



Concept art of The Equalizer in Worms Clan Wars and Worms Battlegrounds.

  • The Scales of Justice is the only common superweapon, which means it is not rare.
  • In Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party, the Scales of Justice has no actual appearance (other than the icon) and when used, the Scales of Justice makes a "gong" sound and a powerful booming laugh when used. But in Worms 3D, your Worm puts on a wig, glasses, and holds two scales when the utility is selected, and when used, the Scales of Justice only makes the "gong" sound (no laughing is heard) and the Worm using it shakes the scales.
  • In Worms Clan Wars, the Scales of Justice appear as The Equalizer. It is the same in some ways, except it only affects the worm using it and another worm nearby/closest to it.
  • Worms 3D is the only 3D Worms game that features the Scales of Justice.
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