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The Sheep is an explosive animal weapon which appears in almost every Worms game, beginning with the first game.

The Sheep has spawned many other forms, with it's most notable one being the Super Sheep. Other variations include the Sheep Launcher, Sheep Strike, and Sheep-on-a-Rope.


Once released, the Sheep will run forth in the direction it was released. It will attempt to jump over any terrain obstacles, but will also reverse its direction if it hits a wall or a piece of impassable terrain.

This weapon can be detonated at any point by pressing the Fire Button a second time. Otherwise, the Sheep will detonate on its own following a 5-second countdown after a short period of time.

Like all animal weapons, the Sheep will collect for its user the contents of Crates it collides with.

In Worms: A Space Oddity, the weapon is called the Robo-Sheep, and can be made to jump manually by shaking the Wii remote.

Tips & Tricks

  • The Sheep's tendency to jump over obstacles can make it an effective weapon for attacking enemies which cannot be clearly fired upon otherwise.
  • It is safest to use the Sheep on flat terrain when the user has a clear line of sight to an enemy Worm.
  • A Sheep, if used correctly, can be extremely effective against Darksiders. Simply walk right into their tunnel and drop the Sheep right next to them. Then, you can stroll out and explode the sheep at your leisure for maximum amounts of damage.

Wormopedia Entry


Exactly what goes on inside the Sheep's mind? Best not to think about it, just let him go and watch him bounce across the landscape. If the Sheep comes across an obstacle or ravine then he will do his best to get across it. Pressing fire once sends the Sheep on his way and then second press detonates him, if he's left too long jumping around then he will get tired and do something about it himself.

A Sheep in the face can do as much as 75 points of damage!


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