The Sheep-on-a-Rope is the only weapon completely exclusive, in form and function, to Worms: The Director's Cut. However, it made its return in Worms W.M.D; nearly 2 decades after the release of The Director's Cut. When used, it fires a Ninja Rope into the nearby terrain, after which it hauls a Sheep up the line, where it can be controlled as if it were your Worm on the rope. Multiple swings can be made by a single Sheep to quickly traverse the terrain and attack your opponent.

A conceptual successor to the Sheep-on-a-Rope can be found in Worms Armageddon, known as the Sheep Launcher.

Using the Sheep-on-a-Rope

Press Up or Down to adjust your aim, and press Fire to anchor the rope on a piece of terrain. Use Up and Down to adjust the length of the rope, and Left and Right to swing the Sheep back and forth.


  • If your Worm could reach it with a Ninja Rope, the Sheep-on-a-Rope can get there too.
  • The Sheep feels 'heavier' than a Worm, and will be slightly slower to react to your controls.
  • The Sheep will not explode until it detaches from the rope, so you don't have to worry about hitting the walls.
  • There is no timer on this variety of Sheep, so aim must be spot-on to maximize its potential damage.
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