Sheep Launcher
Sheep Launcher icon
Type Sheep
Range Medium-range
Damage 75 HP
Additional effects Fires Sheep as a projectile.
Appears in Armageddon, World Party and W.M.D
Affected by

The Sheep Launcher is a special cannon weapon, similar to the Mortar or Bazooka, except that it fires a Sheep in a crash-helmet. This weapon can propel the Sheep to places that a normal Sheep could not reach, either because it's too far away, or because obstacles lay between your worm and the enemy.

Using the Sheep Launcher

You use the arrowkeys to adjust the worm's aim, and press the spacebar to fire the launcher. The Sheep will fly through the air and you can press spacebar to make it stop, falling to earth and prancing about like a normal Sheep. Then press the fire key again to let it explode. After a certain period of time, the Sheep will automatically activate a 5 second fuse, and then detonate on its own; it won't explode until it has reached the ground first, though.

Tips & Tricks

  • As with all Sheep-related weapons, you must take care to aim well, because the Sheep jumps around unpredictably.
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