Skip Go
W4 SkipGo
Effects Skips your turn
Range Anywhere
Appears in All Worms games

Skip Go is a utility used to skip turns. It is the second most uncommon and useless utility, the first being Surrender.

Once selected from your inventory, your Worm will jump rope. When used, it will skip your turn, and your opponent's Worms will call your Worm a coward.


Simply press the Fire Button.

Tips & Tricks

  • Useful to use in places when your Worm is in vertical underground tunnels, if you're stuck or when your Worm is in a closed tunnel. Some players use other strategic ways, such as carving through terrain with Blow Torch and Pneumatic Drill. Players also use Teleport when they're stuck or in tunnels.
  • Useful to use when near a Sentry Gun. Some players use other strategic ways, such as trying to destroy, get away or push the Sentry Gun to the enemy (if very close) with weapons. Sometimes it would be a self-harming strategy.
  • It can be used to save some ammunition for all utilities and weapons for later use.
  • Use it if you are hiding a Worm from the enemy and have no Air Strike weapons or Worm Select utilities left.


  • Skip Go and Surrender are the only items permanently unlimited, although the Skip Go is not available in the training.
  • In Worms 3, the Skip Go appears without the Surrender.
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