Skunk In Ation
Type Animal
Range Around Worm
Damage 15 HP
Additional effects Poison (5 or 10 per turn)
Appears in Worms Armageddon, Worms World Party, Worms Revolution Worms Battlegrounds
Affected by
The Skunk is a poison weapon introduced in Worms Armageddon. When thrown, the Skunk will hop off across the environment. After a bit, it will emit stinking fumes, poisoning nearby Worms. They will lose five points per round.

If you let the stinking fumes infect the same Worm again, instead of losing five health points each turn they will lose ten.


  • Along with the Indian Nuclear Test and the Suicide Bomber, the Skunk is the first ever poison weapon in the Worms series, since these three weapons were introduced in Worms Armageddon, the first Worms game to feature poison.
  • If you're unlucky, the Skunk's poisonous gases could poison your Worm instead of the enemy (depending on the wind). You must always check the wind meter before you use it, since the poisonous gases are wind affected.
  • The Skunk is one of the few weapons that can collect Crates, with the others being the Sheep, Super Sheep, Mole, Old Woman, and Inflatable Scouser.
  • After a long hiatus, the Skunk reappears in Worms Revolution.
  • The Skunk has the weakest explosion damage. The explosive weapons that do up to 15 damage are the Skunk and the Petrol Bomb. They do less damage than the Mortar, the Cluster Bomb, the Air Strike and the Shotgun.
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