Spadge is an unseen character from the Worms series, first mentioned in the original Worms. According to the Wormsongs, he is Boggy B's best friend, and possibly his brother. According to Wormsong 2003 (the main theme of Worms 3D, heard in the credits), a Worm named Clagnut is Spadge's son, and Boggy B is Clagnut's uncle. This could mean Boggy and Spadge are brothers. Just like Boggy B, Spadge is an elite soldier who fights in wars alongside Boggy B, but is not as experienced as Boggy. Not much is known about Spadge, since he died a long time ago. Spadge was shot down by an enemy and died, in the first Wormsong. Like Boggy, Spadge is a main character of Worms. He is the series' deuteragonist.


  • Martyn "Spadge" Brown in person.

    Spadge's name most likely came from Martyn Brown's (the co-founder of Team17) nickname, which is also "Spadge" (or "Mr. Spadge").
    • Spadge also might be a "Wormification" of Martyn Brown.
  • Although Spadge is Clagnut's father, he never fought with him during the war in Wormsong 2003. This is probably because he died in the original Wormsong.
    • Also, it's possible that Spadge actually adopted Clagnut, since Spadge was never mentioned to have a wife. It's also possible that Spadge is Boggy B's adoptive brother, not his real brother.
    • Boggy B has a younger sister named Suzette (she appears in Worms Blast as a playable character), so if Spadge really is Boggy's brother, then Suzette is Spadge's sister too.
  • Spadge appears with Boggy B in the default "Team 17" team in the first game, and again as "Mr. Spadge" in Worms & Reinforcements United.
    • Strangely enough, Spadge is Worm 1 (the captain of the team), while Boggy B is Worm 4, the last Worm in the team (while Boggy B should have been the captain, this may be due to Spadge possibly being a "Wormification" of Martyn Brown, the co-founder of Team17).
  • Boggy B and Spadge are actually enemy Worms in the "Failed Popsters!" mission of Challenge Mode in Worms Reinforcements. So far, this is the only game in the series where Boggy B and Spadge were depicted as villains. According to the Challenge's description, they have both committed "musical crimes" (referring to the original Wormsong).
    • Also, it appears Spadge has survived after the events of the first Wormsong. But it also seems that the Wormsong was merely an act/fictional story or just a normal musical piece, and has never actually happened. This cannot be made certain, however.
  • In the 3D series, Spadge appeared in Wormopedia in Worms 3D and in a campaign mission in Worms Forts: Under Siege.
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