The Super Banana Bomb is a superweapon which first appeared in the 2nd generation Worms games. It is the same as the Banana Bomb, except it can be manually detonated.


The Super Banana Bomb is a Banana Bomb variant which can be manually detonated on the player's whim. Upon detonation, the Super Banana Bomb will release six Banana clusters, much like a Banana Bomb, which can also be manually detonated. Unlike the original, the Super Banana Bomb's shards will not explode upon impact.

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A bunch of trouble!

The Super Banana Bomb wields to same power as the Banana Bomb except that instead of a timed explosion the detonation is triggered by the Space bar. After a single tap on the Space bar the number of bananas will multiply and you can also explode these fruits of doom with another tap of the Space bar.

Each Super Banana can cause up to 75 points of damage.

If you have the pleasure of coming across this fun piece of kit, try your best to attack the enemy in such a way that they are all in touching distance of the second bag of bananas released from the Super Banana Bomb. With a single press after the Super Banana has been launched, once the required target is reached another press of the Space bar will send a shower of Bananas onto the unaware enemy - happy with the position of the scattered Bananas? A final press of the Space bar will detonate the remaining fruits, thus disposing of the enemy Worms.


Super Banana in Action

The user will be able to detonate the Super Banana Bomb itself by pressing Space. Then, the six shards can be detonated remotely as well by pressing Space.

Tips & Tricks

  • If the Super Banana Bomb itself, or the shards, are left for too long without the user detonating them, the shards will explode out of themselves.
  • A double-tap of Space will cause the clusters to explode extremely close to the initial Banana, potentially causing massive amounts of damage in a small area. Alternatively, clusters allowed to bounce around the map can wipe out a large area.


  • Note that upon completing all the single-player missions in Worms Armageddon, players can unlock the option to turn Banana Bombs to Super Banana Bombs. However, this doesn't actually change them into this weapon, it actually increases the number of clusters to 8 and does 100 points of damage for each cluster.

    In W.M.D.

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