Super Bunker Buster
Super Bunker Buster Icon
Type Air Strike
Range Anywhere
Damage 30 HP/Explosion
Additional effects Digs Terrain, Flare Sideways
Appears in Worms Reloaded And Worms 2:Armageddon
Affected by

The Super Bunker Buster is just like the Bunker Buster. But the difference is, after digging inside the tunnel, it won't just explode, It will release a horizontal flare that damages every worm in its path. It also appears to dig much further than normal Bunker Buster.

Using the Super Bunker Buster

Using it is just like using the Bunker Buster. You place the target, and it will fall. After digging, its flare will completely bust the bunker (hence the name). Do note, that the explosive flares will not push a worm, it will just go through it.

Tips & Tricks

  • This weapon is very effective to destroy the strategy (and morale) of Darksiders.
  • Using this weapon to exposed worms is very ineffective, because it only does 30 damage, and does not push a worm.
    • However, using this weapon can be effective in Sudden Death mode, if the Worm's hit points are set to 1.
  • Along with the other air weapons such as the Air Strike, the Super Bunker Buster is unavailable in cave maps.


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