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Surrender is the last resort for a badly beaten team. Using it removes the player from actively playing, which means you will surrender and your opponent will win (unless there are still two or more teams remaining). Surrendering doesn't necessarily give back anything if used, which makes it practically the same as losing a match, except that you don't have to finish it.

There are seven outcomes of the Surrender, they differ between games.

  1. The worms on the surrendering team explode.
  2. The worms' names and health turn grey and they become passive.
  3. The surrendering worms just disappear.
  4. The surrendering team just loses all their turns and stay on the map.
  5. The worm who uses it angrily pounds the ground for a second (Worms 4: Mayhem and Worms: Ultimate Mayhem).
  6. They wave the white flag.
  7. The surrendering worms dive into the water.

Worms which are left from the losing team will remain on the battlefield, if the round isn't yet over. This could be advantageous, by using the damage from their death explosions in some of the games.


Once selected, press the fire button and you'll be out of the round.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use it if you really want to.
  • If playing a game where each player controls multiple teams, having one team surrender may allow the other team to win, or end the game if all other teams are eliminated.
  • Surrender can be practical in multiplayer or online games, when one player has to leave but others want to continue the match. It may also be useful if the player wishes to watch the behavior of the AI of the game. In both cases, it does not help the player win.
  • If you buy a DLC country pack on Worms 3, the flag or breech will be the flag of the country you bought. For example=Mexico DLC=Mexican Breech surrender
  • In Worms 3, the flag is a breech.
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