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The Teleport Gun is a utility in the series, which first appearing in Worms Clan Wars. It is a combination of the Ninja Rope and the Teleport.


  • It seems to be able , to sometimes pass through thin walls (Bug?)
  • It is very similar to the Ninja Rope, but much more advanced. It's quicker and easier to use.
  • The Teleport Gun appears as a ray gun, and when you press Space, it fires a beam that instantly teleports you to whatever surface it hits. For example, if you fire it at a wall, you will teleport to the wall when the beam hits it.
  • It does not end your turn, just like the classic Ninja Rope.
  • It is also useful for reaching high places without ending your turn, as you can use the Teleport Gun instead of the normal Teleport without ending your turn.
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