Effects Digs tunnels
Range Medium
Appears in Worms 2: Armageddon (Battle Pack DLC), Worms Reloaded

Termites is a utility in the Worms series. It unleashes three hungry termites who can chew through almost anything!


The termites can be placed on big areas of land so they can dig tunnels.

The Termites digging a tunnel

When the player uses it, three termites will be placed and they will start digging one tunnel each in a random direction. As soon as the termite is done creating the tunnel it will explode with a small explosion inflicting no damage. The player can use these tunnels to hide in. Sometimes the new tunnels will be hard to navigate through due to the termites creating random paths.

Using the Termites

The termites can easily be placed on any kind of big area of land by pressing the fire button.


  • The new tunnels may be used to hide a Worship in.
  • The player should not always rely on the termites as they create random paths that can be hard to navigate through.
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