I do not know what I can do to to prove my innocence. I did understand what Q* did to find the IP match, and I handled the situation the best I could. Just look at how I replied to him on my own wall, and what I wrote on TTTEUK's wall (no, it is not my second account...) I also wrote a blog and I wrote on Orangitu's wall on Community Central. Do you seriously think I would do all this for nothing, to block PartHunter and my own half-sister (which you think is a sock puppet)? Did you guys even see what I replied after Q* had corrected that mischevious attack made by my friends? I do not want to harm this wiki. In fact, I do my best to resurrect it and make it crowded again. But some people are determined to stand in my way. I trusted Q*, I forgave him and gave him a second chance. Still, he was a bad apple inside. I have suffered the feuds between me, Boggy and Q*, and also had to answer for my actions to Oscuritaforze, but I have not given up on this wiki, and I will stick around as long as I am allowed. I would like to talk this over with Orangitu before he makes a decision, but I know that I do not deserve to be fired.

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