Some of you may have noticed that I've been missing from the wiki these last few days. I've already explained my reasoning to Boggy B via steam, but I thought I'd make a blog post so that everyone gets the information. The reason I'm inactive is that exams are drawing near for me, and these exams would probably be the biggest in my life since it decides whether I go to university or not. There are 3 different series of exams in total, 2 of which are being held next month. I've decided to get serious about my studies, so as to prevent any distractions, I won't be going anywhere near the internet for the whole of this month (and maybe the next too). This of course means that I won't be active on the wiki for said period of time, so I apologize in advance for any inconvenience I may cause by not being here. If any of you need staff assistance, feel free to ask either Boggy B (linked above) or Koenachtig instead.

Regards, Orangitu

UPDATE: Exams are over (the first two, at least) so I am back! Expect me to come back to editing shortly.

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