UPDATE: The new main page has been incorporated into the wiki. Enjoy. There are a few things to note, though:

  • The header section has been completely removed due to problems with ads and columns. Some of its content have been merged with other sections of the main page, though I have not yet found a suitable place for the headline template.
  • The tabber is still incomplete. I'll probably complete it later, though feel free to complete it yourself if you feel you're up to the task.

Hey all.

If any one of you've ever read some of my old conversations with Koen, you'd probably know that I've been planning to do a re-design of the main page for quite a while. While I did try to do so a few years back, it never worked out due to my incompetence with HTML and CSS. Well it's been quite a while now, and since I've re-learned HTML and CSS from scratch, I am happy to announce that I finally have a proper draft of the new main page ready. Please do check it out here!

The reason I've built it on a separate wiki is so that I have full control of the CSS. The wiki itself is just an abandoned wiki I made a few years ago, which I just converted into my personal testing wiki. Here's the changelog:

  • Main page code was rewritten using more modern and manageable div tags, instead of the archaic table system we currently have on this wiki.
    • The page now also incorporates column tags, so that the columns always match the size of the ads. (thanks Q*)
  • Columns are now 75%|35%, similar to most other wikias. See above.
  • Wiki news/Worms news are replaced with annoucement blogs and user blogs, which makes them much more accessible and informative.
  • Addition of a slider gallery, to make the main page prettier.
    • Additionally, featured images will be merged into this slider, to further streamline the main page.
  • Addition of a heavily modified tabber (looks pretty now).
  • Merged wiki activity into the main page.
  • Removed the "About Worms" section, will probably be merged with the slider.

I'm quite happy of the end result, and I can't wait to put it on worms wiki. First things first though, what do you guys think? Do you guys think the page is better/worse than our current one? Any good suggestions? I look forward to hearing your opinions.

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