The second teammate of Britains Best is Nifle (pronounced Ny-full), or if you want to be more formal, Sir Niflington II. He's the small fry and too young to go to Worminkle University, and you maybe asking; " How did he get in?!" Well to join in, you have to prove yourself with a test of skills. He was good enough to get in, thus joining Britains Best later along the line.

His brother, Sir Nifelington I is being held up for hostage by an evil gang called "The Eyes of the Skies" who are a group of birds consisting of pigeons, parrots, owls, blue macaws and their leader, Albert the Ablatross. Nifle I was on a mission to retrieve weapons stolen by previously mentioned gang of feathered fiends when suddenly, they caught Nifle I in the act and took him to their secret base in Arabia. Take note that this happened during Worms (1995) so Nifle II had plenty of time to bear a grudge on the merciless gang of feather bags. So because of said event, Sir Nifle II would make a beeline towards anything related to "The Eyes in the Skies" and beat it to a pulp, making it obvious that Nifle II REALLY wants to end the gang and rescue his hopefully alive brother.

Fortunately, being in Brits Best keeps Nifle mind off of the horrible loss and keeps on getting around the battlefield. Seriously, give him a few minutes and he'll the place inside out. Anyway, Nifle's small size might get him through tight spaces but means nothing in getting into tight conversations, leaving him along with the whole team relying on one of the other teammates, Shanerfine, to somehow hack in to the enemies headsets. And being the little dude, Nifle is juvenile at times, but knows when to act tough.

I had fun writing Nifle's backstory and I think this'll be a great series of stories! So anyway, the next teammate will be the brute, Wentworth. See you tomorrow for for his profile. Ta ta!

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